3D Modeling

Butechs is offering 3D Modeling to architects, builders and civil engineers. With our dedicated team of multimedia developers and experienced engineers and as partners in the creative process, we work alongside you to bring your designs to life. Once we have translated your sketches or CAD files into detailed 3D models, we work through the process of turning them into stunning Computer Generated Images (CGIs) that can be use in valuable planning and marketing tools.

We are providing services for residential constructions and exteriors, and it also extends to creating models for commercial ventures as well. With our dedicated team of graphic designers, architects and engineers, we are in a position to execute even the largest and the most complicated projects.
We specialize in creating 3D Models for real estate ventures, both residential and commercial as well as for engineering components like engine parts, spares and other components.
We offer 3D Modeling and Rendering Services for Real Estate Ventures as under :-

  • Animated walk-through
  • Visualisation Services
  • Interior Design
  • Exterior Design - Exterior landscape and plot design and visualization services for
    residential, commercial and public utility ventures.
  • Cross Sectional View - Cross - sections view for interior structure of buildings
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