About Us

Who are we?

Butechs provide complete it solution.

Butechs is a Central Platform offering a wide range of integrated solutions and services that run from IT development, YOUR BRAND Management, Web Solutions, Financial to other management related Functions. Butechs for its Financial and Management Functions is having a Separate Business Service Unit with domain of “Accounting Forte”.

We TAKE CARE of your positioning as a brand on web, your content distribution to the utilities sector, your financial functions and your strategic plans beyond just the IT services. We have gained tremendous amount of domain expertise and project execution abilities to aid in smart utility transformation solutions and services.

Butechs Team

Butechs “team” is not just people who work at the same time in the same place. Our team is a group of very different individuals who share a commitment to working together to achieve common goals. Most likely, we also know we are not all equal in experience, talent or education, but we are equal in one vitally important way, our commitment to the good of the organization.

Butechs Team

Butechs is a strong skilled and creative professionals working in the way to new heights. Butechs provides much space for the development and growth to its people. They are encouraged to work beyond their profiles. Butechs is committed to excellence and believe in exceeding the customers' expectations.

Can you make a prophecy ?

An efficient & effective Outsourcing organization where we work & manage IT, Brand, Web and finance & other management related functions so that the process rigor & control to keep costs in line, while the business savvy to help their companies achieve high performance in a challenging world.

What is the Stratagem ?

Is your business like many mid-size companies - too small to employ a full-time tax department, but at a size that requires ongoing professional financial and tax assistance? Or endurance to new tech? Or do not know how to command your business or how to put feet in the market.
Then we can provide a solution by providing IT Services, Brand Management Solutions, Web Solutions and acting as your outsourced Financial and Taxation department.


"Our Mission to bring best user experience for the services delivered"
- Butechs