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Mobile applications are a huge and constantly developing market, fueled by an escalating numbers of mobile application developers, publishers and providers, particularly targeting young people in the last few years.
Mobile application development focuses mainly on developing applications for mobile phones, smart phones or other handheld devices like palm tops, tablets, eBook readers or PDAs.

Types of Mobile Applications:

  • Utilities Applications - These apps can show you how much your mortgage payment will be, how to convert temperatures, how to calculate square footage, estimate your auto loan monthly payments, find international calling codes for each country and more. Mobile utility applications can make your life so much easier!
  • Entertainment Applications - Okay, if you have time to kill ;) you will find apps that update you with the latest celebrity gossip, show you how to play a variety of drinking games and even make sounds. Mobile Entertainment applications can keep you occupied for hours.
  • Games Applications - These are what make the Phones fun! Play Sudoku, shoot helicopters, jump over craters, or experience the world’s first story-driven drink mixing video game – Nimble Strong: Bartender in Training. These mobile gaming apps are simply incredible.
  • News Applications - Interested in receiving the latest information about a certain subject you are interested in? Whether it is the latest environmental and green news, business headlines, or the latest news about Apple, this is the application category where you can get delivered the news you want in real time.
  • Productivity Applications - Want to track your spending and manage your bank accounts? Would you like to apply a personalized signature to use in your email? Maybe find the times and locations where you can donate blood? Be more productive using these mobile productivity applications.
  • Search Tools Applications - Need to do a reverse phone number lookup? Find country info like currency, international phone code and capital? Want to find a good cooking recipe? No problem using mobile search tool applications.
  • Social Networking Applications - Want to chat with users all over the world or share mobile videos? Perhaps you need a city guide that tells you what bars, restaurants and other fun things to check out in your city. If so, take a look at some of the social networking applications that are available.
  • Sports Applications - Want all the latest news from the NFL or NBA? Need to find all the public ping pong tables available worldwide? Or you just want to know how many calories you burned during your last workout. Mobile sports applications are for you.
  • Travel Applications - Find the best restaurants in Paris, learn the Mexico City bus network, download a London tourist guide that includes commentary. Mobile Travel applications are perfect if you are getting away.
  • Weather Applications - Receive your daily weather forecast via text or find out what the weather will be like over the next 4 days for any city. Mobile Weather Apps are convenient!
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