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If I have a credit card, a checking account, investments, personal loans dealt with a business. What if such a customer of yours is able to navigate all his accounts at one place. Can you imagine the spillover benefits your customer can avail?? A Web application needs zero installment, reach available 24X7, always up–to-date, direct access, quick and easy updates, centralized data and the best part is that it reduces business costs (no need to spent time with the customers over the phone or on the spot, eliminates printed materials) .

We provide the best of quality web applications to our clients wherein the client can do its business in an effective manne

Our professionals are capable to serve you with unique web designs to meet the specific requirements of the concerned organization. Designing a dynamic website involves much effort and requires creative knowledge. Our professional experts gained mastery in designing and developing dynamic websites by using different scripting languages, preferably PHP - My SQL or ASP .NET / MS SQL or JAVA to make your website eye catching, traffic orienting and easy for navigation. On the client side, we are experts at creating Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) with AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), Flash, XHTML, CSS, etc.

Butechs Web Application Development services include:

  • Design, Development and Management of Web Applications
  • Client-side Application Development
  • Server-side Application Development
  • Databases within Web Applications
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