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Domain Registration

Domain is the name of your business, the brand that you create which gives you an identity on the web world. We help you choose your domain name and as well recommend you the best domain name, which would work for your business.

A right domain can increase your popularity by leaps and bounds and increase your business exponentially. It can foster your business in various ways the most important being increasing search engine traffic on your website. We have a team of analyst who assist you finding the right domain for your company.

Website Hosting

After domain name registration the next thing you need is a company that can do hosting for you to be able to display your website on the internet. Different business requirement need different hosting services.

Hosting is provided by the third party servers are custom-built industrial machines for 24/7 operations. Web hosting solutions that we will provide guarantee 99.99% server uptime and provide hosting environment, which is protected by virus, and E-mail spam. Key features and services we offer in Web Hosting:-

  • Hosting (Static / Database)
  • Email (POP and Web Mail, Alias, Forwarding, Mailboxes)
  • Online Site Statistics
  • HELM Control Panel( c-panel)
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • My SQL Database
  • MS Access Database
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Auto-Responder
  • PHP 4 & 5
  • Daily Back-up
  • Maximum Bandwidth
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