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Web media is now emerging as the strongest media today to reach, to communicate and to influence millions of people in the shortest possible time. In most of the cases if we talk about digital marketing, then what comes in our mind is “SEO”. However, before proceeding for SEO or anything let us understand the concept and the things we use or do in digital marketing.
As we all know, marketing stands on 4 P’s – Product, Promotion, Price and Place. First, we should clear one thing which ‘P’ will take us on edge is only “Product”. Second, let us come to promotion, First of all If your brand is not active on the web you are definitely missing out on complete marketing. In addition, in case you are trying to get some activity done on the web, you need to hire Digital Marketing Experts that leverages its understanding of brand marketing, creative web development, social media planning to give your brand the real edge!

Our Digital Marketing Services Includes:

Digital Marketing Strategy

If you want to make your website perform and target high value customers, then we can offer our internet strategy services to you. We have the capability to help you choose the right internet-marketing channel with our effective commercial strategy and planning. You can also benefit from increased customer retention, with the help of user experience, conversion and traffic analysis service.

Optimize Website on Google Standards

Under optimisation process, we do

  • Pre-Optimization & AnalYsis
  • KeYword Research & AnalYsis
  • Competitive AnalYsis
  • Title and MetaTag Optimization
  • Content Optimisation
  • Google AnalYtics Setup
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • URL Validation
  • W3C Validation
  • Robots.txt Creation
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Image Optimization and Internal Linking
  • Pure white hat link building
  • Google, Yahoo and Bing Map Optimization
    (Local Listing)

Social Brand Creation

In a few years time, use of social networking websites, blogs and virtual worlds has comparatively increased. Consumers are flocking to such sites as they can actually share, talk, ask or simply just browse profiles whenever required. Social Brand Creation is an effective and a newfound means of online circulation. Social Sites is a highly reachable media marketing strategy that has become an interesting concept for individuals, agency/agencies and businesses looking for swift standing across quality client group. Under Social Brand Creation, we create business profiles on High valued and populated social sites.

Social Brand Engagement

The social brand engagement services offered by us will enable in acquiring potential clients and promote your online brands in search engines as well on the renowned social networking sites. The idea is:- spread information faster via user groups formed on networking sites having the same interest to the product or the service being promoted. Because of the increasing popularity of interactive platforms such as blogs, video sharing and podcasts, it has now become easy to make a web identity linkable and visible in social media searches. Social media empowers people to share opinions, experiences and views with each other, the same platform works as the medium of gaining promotions.

Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution is also a newer version of online marketing and we provide services regarding the same. A Press Release Distribution is basically an article write by an individual and updated with description of events, graphics and videos. With our press release submission services, clients can easily reach many investors and journalists.

Article Writing

As we just read and learned, each industry is now taking the route of new age online marketing than conventional way of marketing. But the question arises: how does online marketing help organizations to promote their products and services? The online marketing methods that are the most renowned are article writing. Article writing is something that started earlier but now it is being frequently used to promote products and services. We provide a platform to post articles on diverse industries and help clients to market themselves.

Email Campaigning (on our verified data)

E-Mail Marketing is necessary today for any business selling a product or an organization promoting a cause. It’s a time tested potent tool for promotion. Electronic mails sent to the potential clients/customers announcing new schemes, offers, vouchers or some interesting information. E-Mailers work out very cost effective and reach millions in no time. We have developed ways and means to make sure most of the mails do not get into the spam of the recipients’. In case we are providing links, we highlight them so that the targeted person does not lose out of the vital link.

Online Reputation Management

Online world is now the real world and Google is the greatest ‘reputation engine’. A few negative comments about your business and brand on the Internet doesn’t shake your boat? Think again and think hard. These comments and chats are in the public domain, easily accessible to anyone in the world, and create instant impressions about brands, products, organisations or individuals.
What’s more, once a negative comment about you or your brand is online, unlike yesterday-newspaper-fish-wrap, it NEVER leaves the Web.
Online Reputation Management monitors the online sentiments, manages the content in your favour and eventually promotes the brand. The idea is to neutralize the negative impressions, maximize, and highlight the positive experiences, which will eventually promote positive brand recall. The effort has to be honest and transparent. And yes, it takes time.
We have the best of techies, creative junkies and social media Psychos to manage your online reputation. And as a client, you too remain an integral part of our team.

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