Psychographic Assessments

i. Psychographic Assessments is an online service for the Corporate, Employees and the General public.

ii. It helps corporates to identify and pick up the right candidates to perform jobs and thereby increase productivity and efficiency of workforce.

iii. It helps candidates to identify which job suites them the best by knowing their overall strengths and weaknesses.

iv. It helps HR executives to assess the candidates well in advance before sending them to the corporates for final interview and also keep track / monitor them while sending to corporates.

v. It helps Professional Institutions to build their students' resume Database for placement with soft skills rating and allow to expose the DB to corporates for recruitment online.

vi. Apart from the technical skills and academic qualifications there are dozens of employability skills that companies are looking for in their employees. Even if one has a good technical skill, to excel and perform well in any field, one needs these employability skills.

vii. These skills are sets of unconsciously repeated patterns of responses and behaviors to different situations in life and work. These patterns are specific, identifiable and measurable.

viii. We have developed effective and appropriate tools to pick up these patterns, identify their employability, assess and match them to life and work situations to achieve excellence.

ix. Supporting Services

  • We also provide services:
    • To identify/create the competency requirements in a job profile
    • To fine tune the profile requirements
    • To generate specific competencies required for the corporate
    • Training to enhance general skill sets such as motivation / quality / achieving goals etc.
    • Training to enhance specific skills
    • To handle individual sessions in sorting out issues and also on...
    • Behavior Based Interviewing
    • Conversational Hypnosis
    • Strategies for success
    • Team Building skills
    • Effective communication
    • Emotional control
    • Belief restructuring
    • Leadership and personal excellence